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Shaping the Future of Health Together

At Comhar Healthcare, we are working hard to deliver the highest possible plan efficiencies, cost savings, and customer service levels.

The Perfect Health Plan for Your Company

Your company’s healthcare plan should not be cookie cutter, but rather customized around your needs.

Comhar has partnered with

The AdventHealth Employer Benefit Plan is a direct network with AdventHealth, working with employer groups with 50 to 1000+ employees. The program offers customized benefits to meet your needs, control and stabilize healthcare costs with total health management and data analytics.
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Comhar Healthcare and its preferred brokers offer custom plan designs with actionable plan performance reporting and consultative resources.

Our plan offers multiple customized medical plan options specifically designed to meet your company’s needs and help you control your health care costs. If you are a small to medium size business with 50 to 1000+ employees, the AdventHealth Employer Benefit Plan brings an affordable solution with analytics, reports, improved claims management and more.

It’s time to shape the future of healthcare.
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